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crazyunlikeafox's Journal

Brian Danger Hicks
16 May 1981
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Buy the New and Improved Brian Danger Hicks! Enjoy the New Features in Improved Bulleted Format!

  • FCC Licensed!
  • Fights Crime!
  • Decreases Entropy!
  • Not Ryan Lackey!
  • Employed!
  • Has Danger for a Middle Name!
  • Made of Poison!
  • Cooks Emergency Bacon!
  • Owns a camera!
  • Doesn't Know Better Than to Sign Up for MySpace!
  • Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2006!

Attention: The views expressed here by Brian Danger Hicks in this journal do not necessarily represent the views of his employer, livejournal.com, or Brian Danger Hicks.

Also, since I don't want to bore you here when I can bore you there, I have a car-related journal at dangermobile.
(music) (music), 555 timers, 74lsxx, being made of poison, binary clocks, boustrophedon, capoeira, charts and graphs, chess, chrononaut's handbook, cmos, connectors, copying that floppy, crazy cypherpunky stuff, crow knows fear, cryptographic filesystems, cryptography, csi: hoboken, cyber emad, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2020, danger, debian, decoder rings, digital sundials, diode grid roms, drawing, e-reader, eccentricity, emad in mindjail, emadding, emergency bacon, encryption, ext3, fedoras, fisticuffs, fpga, freeciv, gir, gizmos, gnupg, gpg, ham radio, hardware hacking, heat vision and jack, hot chicks, hwet, internal headers, it's driving me nuts, keysignings, lambda expressway, lev termin, lojban, low-power schottky, mad science, mechanical pencils, mile-long stilts, model 100, mooix, multi-channel madness, music, nixie tubes, not cleaning my apartment, not trying too hard, oggs, penny arcade, pgp, pigdog journal, pirate jokes, quitting havenco, russian military greatcoats, sci-fi, simpsons references, star control 2, steampunk, stupid svg tricks, theremins, they fight crime, topato potato, trenchcoats, ttl, verilog, vintage computers, wigu, xinerama, xy003